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Regional drama fest on this week at CTKS

Arguably the biggest event of the year for fans of drama in this region is just about set to go.

The Pearce Players, pictured after winning last year’s Burin Peninsula Regional Drama Festival in Lawn, will wrap up this year’s event Saturday evening with ‘Crushed’. 

Final preparations are underway for the annual Burin Peninsula Regional Drama Festival at Christ the King School in Rushoon this week.

The festival, which has been dubbed ‘Once Upon a Play’, opens this Thursday and runs through Saturday with eight performances in all.

Colleen Scott, of the English Newfoundland and Labrador School Board, has been coordinating the event in conjunction with the host school.

“We have probably around 120 to 140 students (involved). That would be counting the school volunteers, the kids from the school.”

Grand Bank’s John Burke High Masquerade opens this year’s festival Thursday, followed by performances from St. Lawrence Academy Blues Players and Christ the King Entertainers. On deck Friday are Marystown Central High School Dominoes, Terrenceville’s St. Joseph’s All Grade and Fortune’s Lake Academy.

The schedule wraps Saturday with Lawn’s Holy Name of Mary Academy Players and Burin’s Pearce Junior High School Players, last year’s overall winners, with the ‘improv’ finale and awards ceremony immediately afterwards.

The ‘Cecilia Bungay Dedication Award’ will be presented before the performances begin Thursday.

Once again the student art exhibit, featuring works by students throughout the Burin Peninsula, will be on display at the school during the festival.

Students will also be able to take part in a variety of workshops during the day Friday.

The adjudicator for this year’s drama festival is Michael Chiasson who has performed in over 100 plays, directed more than 30 and been featured in some 35 film, television and radio productions, including ‘The Boys of St. Vincent’, ‘Rare Birds’ and ‘The Divine Ryans’.

Born in Nova Scotia, Mr. Chiasson has called Newfoundland and Labrador his home since 1980.

Ms. Scott acknowledged the drama festival is a highlight of the school year.

“The kids really look forward to it. When it all comes together, when it starts on Thursday evening, it’s the beginning of a great weekend.”


Burin Peninsula Regional Drama Festival schedule: 

Thursday, Apr. 22, 6 p.m.:

John Burke High School (Grand Bank) – ‘neeT Teen’

St. Lawrence Academy – ‘Typical … ’

Christ the King School (Rushoon) – ‘We All Fall Down’


Friday, Apr. 23, 5 p.m.:

Marystown Central High School – ‘Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School Dating’

St. Joseph’s All Grade (Terrenceville) – ’10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse’

Lake Academy (Fortune) – ‘Happily Never After


Saturday, Apr. 24, 4 p.m.:

Holy Name of Mary Academy (Lawn) – ‘Have You Heard?’

Pearce Junior High School (Burin) – ‘Crushed’

‘Improv’ Finale/Awards Ceremony

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