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SAEN ‘deflated’ by N.L. government’s decision to green light Greig aquaculture project

Scott Roloson, guest speaker for the Belfast Historical Society May meeting, has been active in protecting and restoring river health for wild Atlantic salmon.
The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland says terms and conditions placed on Greig NL's Placentia Bay Atlantic salmon aquaculture have done little to allay its concerns. - 123RF Stock Photo




The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN) is voicing its opposition to the provincial government’s release of Grieg NL’s Placentia Bay Atlantic salmon aquaculture province from further environmental assessment.

The move shows a lack of commitment to protecting wild Atlantic salmon stocks in the province, the organization said in a release today, Sept. 10.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment announced Minister Andrew Parsons’ decision in an environmental assessment bulletin issued on Sept. 6.


Grieg NL’s Placentia Bay aquaculture project released from environmental assessment

“The announcement has left members of the Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland deflated,” SAEN president Jim Dinn said.

“Remember, this is the same government that imposed a 10-fish seasonal cap on catch-and-release anglers in the name of conservation this past summer. For it to now approve a massive project which has the potential to decimate wild Atlantic salmon stocks is hypocritical and mystifying.”

The bulletin identified 15 terms and conditions that Grieg must abide by for the approval.

Those stipulations have not lessened SAEN’s concerns, the release states, and don’t adequately protect the marine environment in Placentia Bay.

SAEN says some of the conditions are lacking and others do not address concerns raised in the environmental review process.

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