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Sam Synard wins landslide re-election as Marystown mayor

Sam Synard
Sam Synard

MARYSTOWN, NL – It was a long fought battle, but in the end more than 1,000 votes separated Sam Synard from his competitor Lisa Slaney in the race for the mayor’s seat in Marystown.

Synard finished with a total of 1,907 votes, while 832 residents selected Slaney’s name on the ballot.

Changes are are coming on the council in Marystown. Joining Synard will be new councillors Gary Myles, Nora Tremblett, Andrew Edwards, Michael Brennan and Loretta Lewis. Keith Keating, who was a long-time member of the Marystown council in the past until he lost in the 2013 municipal election, was also elected.

Outgoing from the previous council are Ruby Hoskins and Mary Beth Farrell, who failed to win re-election. Leonard Pittman, Al Spencer and Darlene Lafosse from the former council did not run this time around. 

Synard wished all the former members of council well.

“I wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours,” he told the Southern Gazette.

Synard said that by the results on Tuesday, it was clear to see what the people of the town want moving forward.

“People obviously want me for mayor, and they want a whole new team (on) council,” he said.

Synard said the community has spoken.

Now it is time for the new council to get down to work “and move the community forward in a really positive direction, and get over some of the things that we’ve been subject to for the last four years,” he said.

Synard was pleased with voter turnout as well as with the candidates selected to sit on council.

“I’ve known all of them for many, many years without exception,” he said.

“They’re all great people. They come very well experienced. They’ve made their way in life. I think we really have a star-studded council here right now and I’m looking forward to moving the town forward with these wonderful people.” 

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