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Town of Burin approves budget 2018

['Town of Burin']
Town of Burin

BURIN, NL—The Town of Burin has approved a budget of $2,641,333 for the 2018 calendar year.

Residents and business will not see any change in their tax rates.

The residential mil rate for the town is set at 6 mils, which remains one of the lowest in the region.

This year’s budget saw a combined loss of $40,000 due to the closure of the Scotiabank branch in the community at a loss of $27,000, and changes to the roaming costs for services providers, which resulted in a loss of $13,000.

“This $40,000-loss is the equivalent of losing 50 homes that pay (the) minimum taxes,” Mayor Kevin Lundrigan told council on Tuesday.

Key expenditures identified for the upcoming year are general government, $899,397; protective services, $106,200; and transportation services, $255,207.

The town continues to provide water and fire services to the Town of Lewin’s Cove on a cost-recovery basis, and will continue to provide fire protection to the service districts of Greater Salmonier, Epworth and Fox Cove.

“To be able to do this (with) the loss of $40,000 and bring in a balanced budget with no tax increases to the residents and still be able to proceed with the things that need to be done in the town – I think speaks volumes for council and staff who are continuing to provide those services to the residents of our town,” said Lundrigan.
“So, hats off to the staff, and the town employees.”


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