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Vandals strike water tank in Burin

Burin town hall. Google Street View
Burin town hall. Google Street View

Damage could have caused major water interruption

BURIN, NL — Council approved a motion to install a security camera and fencing at the site of the town’s water holding tank in the area of Big Pond.

The public works committee brought the recommendation to council following a recent occurrence of vandalism to the town’s water holding tank.

The department discovered an antenna on the tank had been broken, resulting in an interruption in communication between the tank and the town’s pump house.

Councillor Everett Farwell explained the interference between the two sites could have meant a major interruption to the water supply to half of Burin, including the hospital and Lewin’s Cove.

Burin Mayor Kevin Lundrigan wondered if the vandals who caused the damages considered the seriousness of their actions.

“Do people realize when they do things like this that they’re probably going to (leave) the whole town without water?” he said during the meeting.

“It could affect them as well as someone else.”

Ongoing issue

Lundrigan added that approximately 10 years ago, the town invested between $80,000- $90,000 to refurbish the tank.

“To look at it in there now – it’s painted up, marked up and scratched up.”

Lundrigan asked what more could council do to keep people from accessing the area.

“(Is it) coming to the point where we are going to have to put a chain-linked fence around it with barbed wire on the top of it?”

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