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West coast undertakings filed with Environment department

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Proposals to construct an aircraft hangar at Pinchgut Lake and to build an access road connecting the Hope Brook mineral exploration property to the Burgeo Highway were recently filed with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.

In the first, Calvin Swift is proposing to build a wooden aircraft hangar to house a small two-seat private seaplane at the western end of Pinchgut Lake.

A three-metre wide area will also be cleared from the hangar to the beach where two steel rails with a metal trolley will be placed to winch the aircraft between the hangar and the lake. The hangar is expected to be constructed over a two-month period and the aircraft will typically be utilized from June to October.

In the second undertaking, First Mining Gold Corporation is proposing to build a 58-kilometre resource access road to connect its Hope Brook mineral exploration property to the Burgeo Highway, Route 480.

The road will allow for transportation of employees and materials for exploration activities in 2019 and beyond. It is not intended or designed to transport larger vehicles that would be required for any future mining development, but does has the potential to be upgraded for that purpose if required.

The public has until July 20 to offer comment on either of the undertakings. Andrew Parsons, the minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, is expected to make his decision on each of them by the end of July.

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