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ASK THE PEOPLE: Why are people leaving their pets outside in the cold?

In just four days there have been three reports of animals — seemingly someone’s pets — left abandoned on the west coast. Three cats were plucked from a snowbank in Cormack on Sunday. On Monday three more cats were found along the roadside in the community and on Wednesday there was a report of the driver of vehicle abandoning a pet rabbit on the road going into Three Mile Dam in Corner Brook. The animals are all now being safely cared for by the NL West SPCA, Deer Lake Kitty Rescue and Kitty Academy Rescue and Adoption. The incidents have left many people shaking their heads and at a loss to understand how those things can happen.

We asked: Why do you think we’re seeing pets left out in the cold when there are other options?

Eric Elford

Corner Brook

I don’t know why. I think it’s cruelty. I had cats all my life, I’d never leave them out in the cold. I take a lot of pride in animals.

Sherry Tallick

Corner Brook

Honestly, it’s just careless owners. I really think it’s just carelessness on their part. I have animals and I couldn’t even imagine leaving them out like that.

Kim Wheeler


My dear I don’t know, honestly. It’s cruelty actually. It’s a sin. If you don’t want them, bring them somewhere where somebody is going to take them, and look after them and love them. If you’re going to get an animal or some kind of a pet you’re taking that to love it and care for it. It’s almost like having a child. You’re going to care for it. You’re not going to take a child and abandon it. It doesn’t matter if it’s young or old, it still has to be looked after and cared for.

Shiann Young

Corner Brook

I guess people just don’t want to take care of them anymore and they’re getting sick of them. A lot of people let it run away instead of bringing it somewhere. That’s not good.

Debbie O’Connell

Benoit’s Cove

I think a lot of what it is, is that people are too lazy to look after them. They get the pets, they’re good at first, then they get tired of them. I’ve got pets. They do go outside, but they’re in the house.

Jeremy Randell


Honestly, I don’t know. I just think there’s a lot of people that are really careless. And there’s a lot of people who think animals are exactly just that, just animals. They really don’t take into consideration the pain that they can feel or that they have souls. So, they just have no empathy for them. It’s just heartless people.

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