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Crémaillère Harbour marine port released from further environmental assessment

Dan Villeneuve, CEO and president of Great Northern Port Inc.
Great Northern Port Inc. President and CEO Daniel Villeneuve received good news last week when his company's undertaking was released from environmental assessment. - SaltWire File Photo

Undertaking was released with four conditions


A proposed marine offshore base near St. Anthony is another step closer to fruition.

On Friday, June 21, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment announced that a project to construct a marine port at Crémaillère Harbour, 4.1 km south of St. Anthony, has been released from further environmental assessment.

The project’s proponent, Great Northern Port Inc., had been required to submit a 200-plus page environmental preview report before the undertaking could be released.

The company is proposing to develop the port “in order to meet onshore and offshore logistics requirements as well as military and Coast Guard needs.”

It intends to construct the port in three phases, starting in 2020 with an expected completion by 2030.

Dan Villeneuve, CEO and president of Great Northern Port, told The Northern Pen he was very happy to receive the department’s decision.

He expressed his gratitude to St. Barbe – L’Anse aux Meadows MHA Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment Lisa Dempster, and Long Range Mountains MP Gudie Hutchings for their help along the process. 

“Now the work really starts,” he said.

The undertaking was released from further environmental assessment subject to four conditions, listed below.

The release comes after months of waiting.

In February, the department determined the previous report submitted by Great Northern Port was deficient and required a revision to address the deficiencies.

The company submitted its revised EPR in April.

The release comes with multiple conditions.

1) Prior to commencing ore storage at the site, Great Northern Port is required to inform the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment of test results identifying the acid generating potential of the ore to be stored. A proper containment system must be installed along with the appropriate runoff collection, monitoring and treatment systems. The department says this activity may require a Certificate of Approval. For more information, you may contact the Pollution Prevention Division at 709-729-6771.

2) Prior to any clearing activities, Great Northern Port shall conduct surveys for avifauna such as the Short-eared Owl. The Forestry and Wildlife Division shall be consulted regarding permitting and survey methodology and informed on survey results, which shall be incorporated into an Avifauna Management Plan. For further information, contact the Forestry and Wildlife Division at 709-637-2043.

3) Prior to construction, Great Northern Port shall submit to the satisfaction of the Department of Transportation and Works, a traffic impact statement which outlines the projected volumes of traffic and types of vehicles expected along with any necessary road construction or upgrades as a result of this development. A traffic impact statement will be required for each of three phases of the project. For further information, contact the Department of Transportation and Works at 709-635-4132.

4) Great Northern Port shall prepare an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) for each of Phases I, II and III of the project, as defined in the revised EPR. Each EPP shall be submitted to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment and receive the minister’s approval prior to the start of construction. Each EPP shall describe all environmental protection and mitigation measures that will be applied during the construction and operation of the facilities and infrastructure associated with that phase of the project.

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