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Attendees at Day of Action concerned about creation of inequalities

Three young women who attended a Day of Action at the Bay St. George Women’s Centre in Stephenville on Tuesday are concerned the recent provincial budget has created more inequalities.


These attendees pose for a photo during the Day of Action at the Bay St. George Women’s Centre in Stephenville on Tuesday. From left, Elizabeth Giguère, Krista Hynes and Amy Croucher.

“The budget helps the rich and destroys the poor,” said Krista Hynes, a resident of Lourdes and a Linkages worker.

Hynes is especially upset with the announced closure of the library in her community. She said if it wasn’t for the library and its librarian she wouldn’t have a job now.

She said she used the library for social networking, applying for secondary school, printing papers and looking for jobs.

She remembers attending the library in Lourdes as a nine-year-old, and said the librarian was very involved in the Bookworms Summer Program. Hynes fears what might happen to that program if the library and librarian are not available.

Bookworms is carried out through the Community Youth Network, and what will happen to these summer programs for children are yet to be determined in many areas affected by the library closures.

Amy Croucher, a community studies student at College of the North Atlantic and a resident of Burnt Islands, said her family didn’t have a computer or the Internet growing up, so even today she wouldn’t have the means of printing college assignments while she’s at home without the local library.

“If the library goes, there’s also the issue of getting books to do research,” she said.

Elizabeth Giguère, another community studies student from St. George’s, said the budget further widens the gap between the low income recipients and middle and upper income earners.

She said it’s costly getting back and forth to school now, but it will be even be more expensive once the increase in gas tax comes into effect,

“Some of us students are barely making it now and this budget may make the difference between whether we can pursue more education or not,” Giguère said.

During the Day of Action in Stephenville a number of people dropped by to make their thoughts known on the effects of the budget, which was followed by a Bay St. George Status of Women board of directors meeting.

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