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Green winter puts snow-clearing budget in the black: $628,000 under budget

A mild St. John’s winter so far has kept city snow-clearing well under budget.

Danny Breen.

An update provided to St. John’s city council Monday by public works committee chairman Coun. Danny Breen shows the city is $627,565 under budget for the year to date.

“We’ve had a mild winter, probably milder than last July in a lot of cases, but it’s certainly positive and I personally can take it,” said Breen, who added that the final 2015 snow-clearing is due in two weeks. “Our expectation is is that we’d be under budget again for 2015 in snow-clearing.”

Breen noted that a year-to-date surplus could change if the weather worsens again before the summer, or if St. John’s gets a harsher winter earlier before the end of 2016.

“As we always say, if the snow falls and if there’s ice on the roads, then the snow has to be plowed and the street has to be salted. The work has to be done no matter the weather conditions we’re presented with,” he said.

The bulk of the savings has come from lower than expected costs in contractual services, fleet costs and heavy equipment leases., Twitter: @DanMacEachern

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