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Just over $17 million in contracts awarded for new regional hospital in Corner Brook


Humber West MHA Vaughn Granter, Premier Tom Marshall and Western Health CEO Susan Gillam are seen during the announcement of just over $17 million in contracts related to the construction of a new regional hospital in Corner Brook on Thursday morning. The announcement took place at the premier's office in the Sir Richard Squires Building.

The provincial government announced more than $17 million in contracts related to the development of the new regional hospital and long-term care facility in Corner Brook on Thursday morning.

Premier Tom Marshall said the announcement marks another important step in development of the facility.

“Progress is now moving along, we’re back on track,” he said during the announcement at his office in the Sir Richard Squires Building.

“This is a major undertaking,” said Marshall and added “the scale and complexities of hospital construction require a tremendous amount of detailing and design.”

It was the detail and design that was the main focus of the announcement.

A consortium of companies known as the Corner Brook Care Team was awarded a $10.7-million contract for the design of the facility.

The team will use the functional program, which outlines the operational design, programming and project scope, to begin the detailed design of the five buildings that will comprise the health-care complex,” said a press release issued at the announcement.

“The design team includes architects, engineers and construction experts who will turn the functional program into design plans and specifications for the many building systems required in a modern health-care facility.”

The work they will do will result in two design packages, one for the long-term care and central utility services buildings and one for the acute care hospital, administration, and hostel facilities.  These will be used as the technical requirements for the construction of the health-care facilities.

It was noted at the announcement that construction of the long-term care facility will begin in 2015 and construction of the acute care hospital in 2016.

The Corner Brook Care Team is a joint venture of B+H, Montgomery Sisam Architects, PCL Construction and Marco Construction.

In addition to the design contract two other contracts were awarded that will result in work at the site this summer.

Marine Contractors of Pasadena was awarded a $3.9 million contract for site excavation and grading and the underground concrete water reservoir will be completed by Brook Construction of Corner Brook at a value of $2.9 million.

The hospital was first announced in 2007.

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