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Local MHAs reveal their leadership choice

With the PC Party having confirmed three contenders for the leadership campaign and the convention scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 12, some members of the party have declared which candidate they will be endorsing.

Paul Davis, Steve Kent and John Ottenheimer have all thrown their hat into the ring to be the next premier, and The Packet asked the four MHAs in the region who they will be supporting.

Bonavista MHA, Glen Little, says Paul Davis is the right person to lead the Progressive Conservative Party and the province.

"I am delighted to announce my support for Paul Davis as he seeks the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. Working alongside him, I've witnessed his passion for our province and commitment to its people," Little said in a press release.

Sandy Collins, MHA for Terra Nova, told The Packet he is also supporting Davis.

"It wasn't an easy decision as such, because I think we have three qualified candidates and I could easily stand behind any of them. But the working relationship I've had with Davis over last number of years, and given his past experience with policing and volunteer experience, he's a great communicator," says Collins.

According to Collins, Davis is "everything a leader needs to be" and the party needs those key ingredients.

"I think that's why I decided go with Paul. I consulted with a number of people, not just my association in the district of Terra Nova, but just in talking with people if politics would come up in the grocery store. Overwhelmingly, and by overwhelmingly I mean 95 per cent, said Paul Davis would be their pick," says Collins.

Calvin Peach, MHA for the Bellevue District, told The Packet he would be supporting Steve Kent in his bid for the leadership.

"I think the party needs a new revitalization in regards to where we are going to go in the future," said Peach, adding, "Steve being a young person and is very intelligent in his ways, has a lot of experience in business and a lot of experience in local government and experience in government itself."

Peach said Kent has "all the credentials needed" to become a premier and has proven himself many times.

"I think he can lead this province into the next generation in regards to the young people. Our youth is our future and technology is going to be part of our future as well as social media," says Peach.

Kent is bold in his ways and is capable in all categories, according to Peach.

"There is a lot of good things he is going to be coming out with in the near future as the campaign goes on, and I like what I'm hearing. I'm supporting him for those reasons.

Trinity North MHA Ross Wiseman, who is Speaker of the House of Assembly, would not say who he would support for the leadership bid.

He said since he is Speaker of the House he cannot make public comments about any political party activity.


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