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Mayor's corner: Clayton Durnford, Rose Blanche - Harbour Le Cou

Rose Blanche - Harbour Le Cou Mayor Clayton Durnford
Rose Blanche - Harbour Le Cou Mayor Clayton Durnford - Rosalyn Roy

Mayor Clayton Durnford recently chatted with The Gulf News about town council matters, including work on the water project.

Former fish plant

A representative from Municipal Affairs will be visiting the site this summer to see exactly what, if anything, can be done to resolve concerns about the crumbling structure to everyone’s satisfaction.

Durnford is hoping there will be a public feedback session as well.

“I got it arranged,” said Durnford. “Late June, probably wouldn’t (be) before July.”

New part-time town residents

Robert and Sandra Wiltshire introduced themselves to council at the April 30 meeting to offer assistance in areas of expertise. Robert has experience with water and waste water systems and products, and council had questions regarding gas and liquid chlorine which he was able to answer.

“He said that if he was home and if we had a problem that if he could be of any help to us that he would chip in and help fix something if need be,” Durnford said.

Water project

“The (water) project itself is not started,” said Durnford, who noted that the contract must first go to tender.

The project will include repairs to the old reservoir building, upgrades to the pumphouse, work on the pumps themselves and changing over from gas chlorine to liquid.

“It all depends on when it gets started, but yeah it’s going to be finished by late summer for sure,” the Mayor said.

The time allotted for the project will be 45 days from start to finish.

Summer maintenance

The Department of Transportation and Works asked council to advise what summer maintenance issues the town would like to see completed. Council has submitted a list for consideration:

  • Bridges between Rose Blanche and Burnt Islands
  • School Zone and road sign replacement
  • Bridle’s Hill Turn – Water Bottom Road
  • Harbour Le Cou Road
  • Parking lot in Rose Blanche by the church

Council has also inquired as to why there were pylons left out for an entire year. The same list will also be sent to the office of MHA Andrew Parsons.

“We’re going to get some work done but I don’t know just what,” said Durnford. “There’s going to be some work done with Harbour Le Cou Road and over Water Bottom Road.”

Durnford said the town has also received funding for some of the worst sections of road within the town itself.

“We’re going to get something done for sure.”

Waste management

“That should be up and running by September,” said Durnford. “I think people should start practicing on their garbage sooner than later.”

The breakdown of sorting into different bags is already available online at the Western Regional Waste Management website: under Frequently Asked Questions.

Durnford said he has been to so many meetings he already feels familiar with the process.

“It takes a little bit of getting used to I guess,” he said. “Old habits are hard to break, I guess, when it comes to throwing everything in the garbage.”

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