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Ottenheimer talks policy, transparency at news conference

Tory leadership candidate John Ottenheimer announced that he wants more transparency and a role for the Public Utilities Board (PUB) when it comes to the Muskrat Falls project. Ottenheimer also wants to expand child care in the province.

John Ottenheimer at a news conference today. — Photo by Keith Gosse/The Telegram

He made the policy announcements at a news conference in St. John's this afternoon.

The event also served as a sort of campaign launch, given that Ottenheimer never held a formal campaign kickoff. He took some time to talk about his background as an educator, a lawyer and a former cabinet minister before he got down to the policy specifics.

On child care, Ottenheimer doesn't have a specific plan, and he doesn't know what it will cost. Mostly, it was just a sincere assurance that child care matters, and if he's premier, there'll be more of it.  

When it comes to Muskrat Falls, Ottenheimer said that it's not possible to send the project back to the PUB for approval or to revisit any of the decisions which have already been made. But he said that if there are any new issues which come up, the PUB could be involved.

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