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Province arranging flights to ship goods to southern Labrador

The Liberal Party of Canada is considering the feasibility of a “fixed link” for transportation to and from the island of Newfoundland.
Strait of Belle Isle - Google map

Sea ice conditions have been preventing ferry shipments across straits

A contingency plan is in place to help with a shortage of goods in southern Labrador.

The provincial government announced Tuesday afternoon temporary arrangements were being made to ensure the delivery of essential food and supplies to communities in Labrador while severe sea ice conditions prevent ice breaking and shipments across the Strait of Belle Isle.

Per a press release, the temporary measures will make use of air services and a priority loading arrangement with Marine Atlantic for perishable goods.

Daily shipments will be flown across the Strait of Belle Isle beginning 5:00 pm, Tuesday.

Department of Transportation and Works officials will continue to explore options for expediting food shipments to Labrador while heavy sea ice conditions persist.

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