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Retirees to lose company health insurance

The USW President of Local 6285, Jason Penney, has confirmed that retirees of his Wabush Mines membership will be losing their company health insurance coverage.

 USW Local 6285 President Jason Penney

The effective date is June 1st.

“This is the only comment I’ll be making on this until I can find out more information on it,” Penney told The Aurora earlier today.

Letters were expected to be going out to those affected before June 1st, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Cliff’s Natural Resources made a decision to idle the Wabush (Scully Mine) iron ore operation in February of 2014.

Last summer the situation looked hopeful with interest from MFC, who own the mineral rights, to possibly purchase the mine, but there was failure to reach an agreement.

Since then, Cliff’s Resources commenced closure activities on the mine site and had instructed a monitor, which the company hired, to sell off its assets.

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