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Town of Marystown says splash pad not feasible

Elizabeth Swan splash pad.
Councillor Loretta Lewis said the town revisit the ideal of a splash pad in the future. In picture Elizabeth Swan splash pad in Clarenville. - Jonathan Parsons

Question remains what will become of funds


The recreation committee with the Town of Marystown is looking into options for money that was collected with the plan of developing a splash pad in the town. 

In 2017, members of the Marystown Recreation Commission began fundraising efforts for the pad. 

Councillor Loretta Lewis, chair of the recreation committee, said during a regular meeting of council held Tuesday, April 2, that the town has been looking into the cost of the splash pad. 

“When research was done it was very expensive and we just couldn’t afford it,” explained Lewis. “So there is money sitting in an account – a little over $5,000 – it was discussed at the last (committee) meeting that we will get together with the recreation (director) and those involved with the fundraising, share ideas on how those funds would be utilized…” 

Lewis told The Southern Gazette on Wednesday, April 3, that until they have a chance to meet with the individuals who led the fundraising efforts, no decisions will be made. 

“The money has just been sitting there and we thought it is only right that we invite them in and discuss what we can do with it.” 

Lewis was asked if the funds would still be used to support recreation incentives in the town. 

“More than likely, because that’s what the money was raised for,” she said. 

Lewis said council has not ruled out the idea of one day developing a splash pad in the town. 

“Some year we can go back and revisit it, like when the economy picks up here again and see what else can be done,” she said. “It is definitely on our agenda...”

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