OpenAI has a new security team – led by Sam Altman

OpenAI is evolving A new security team, and is led by CEO Sam Altman and board members Adam D’Angelo and Nicole Seligman. The group will make recommendations on “critical safety and security decisions for OpenAI projects and operations” – a number of key AI researchers shared as they leave the company this month.

For its first task, the new team will “evaluate and further improve OpenAI’s processes and safeguards.” It will then present its findings to OpenAI’s panel, which will include three chairmen of the Security Council. The Board will decide how to implement the recommendations of the Safety Committee.

Along with the new security board, OpenAI announced that it was testing a new AI model, but did not confirm that it was GPT-5.

Earlier this month, OpenAI revealed its new voice for ChatGPT, called Skye, which sounds like Scarlett Johansson (something Altman even Mentioned in X) However, Johansson confirmed that she declined Altman’s offers to voice for ChatGPT. Altman said later OpenAI “never wanted” to make Sky sound like Johansson, and he approached Johansson after the company offered a voice actor. The whole affair has alarmed AI fans and critics alike.

Other members of OpenAI’s new security team include head of readiness Alexander Matry, head of security Lilian Weng, head of maintenance science John Shulman, head of security Matt Knight and chief scientist Jakub Bachocki. But with two board members — and Altman himself — heading up the new security board, OpenAI doesn’t seem like it’s actually addressing the concerns of its former workers.

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