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In July, Fortune native Tyler Forsey, 18, accompanied by his father, Walt, went on a soccer player’s trip-of-a-lifetime when he travelled to eastern Germany to attend two pre-season soccer training camps.

Tyler Forsey

Forsey’s first week was in Cottbus where he trained with the under-19 FC Energie Cottbus squad, which competes in the German first division league.

Upon arrival at the field, he met with the coach who is a 20-year veteran of German first division soccer and was informed that he would initially be taking part in an inter-squad game.

Forsey said he was told up front that if he couldn't play at this level, he would have to train elsewhere. He was very impressive in that first outing, scoring both goals to lead his side to a 2-1 victory. The coach liked what he saw. After the match, he told Forsey to hang up his cleats in the change room and to pick them up the same time the next day – a tradition in Germany. 

The coach, who expressed much excitement about him, said he was the fastest player on the field, described his one-on-one as excellent and was surprised to see that he was equally strong with both feet. His only negative comment was he would like for him improve his level of physical fitness.

While in Cottbus, Forsey indicated he trained six hours a day. Last year, two players from the USA’s under-18 squad practised with the same team but did not make it past the second day. He said he was most impressed with the fast pace of play and the one-touch passing ability of the midfielders.

For the second week, Forsey practiced with the Dresden Dynamos under-19 team.

In Dresden, the games and practices were very intense, with players coming from all over Europe. When Germany won the gold in soccer at the 1976 Olympics, six players from the national team had originally played with the Dynamos.

Forsey explained each session in Dresden brought a new experience for him. He would see players being dropped, and in some case, more were added on a daily basis. 

Again he got off to a good start that week and scored the winning goal in a 2-1 decision in his first inter-squad game. There was absolutely no time for playing around. Forsey said he witnessed two players from Hungary being told to leave with only 20 minutes left in the practice.

He survived the vigorous training and remained there for the full week. During his last practice, his side lost 2-1, but he once again scored for his squad.

The session ended with fitness testing that culminated four by four minute sprints with three minute intervals between each sprint. During the last sprint, Forsey indicated he took off out in front of the rest of the team and finished 20 meters ahead of his next teammate. The players all ran over to congratulate him for his acceleration and finish. Dresden’s coach was apparently very interested in him.

Forsey said the experience has now made him come to the realization that he can play at the highest echelon. He said he knows it will take a lot of hard work and dedication in order to perform to the best of his ability at the top level.

He noted it was a culture shock to him to find out these young players live and train with the teams all year around and only get to go home twice per year for 10 days each time. They also attend school inside the gated area, sleeping and eating there as well.


I have watched Forsey play soccer for the past two seasons with Mount Pearl’s Under-18 and Challenge Cup teams.

Personally, I feel he has a lot of raw talent. Right now, while I don’t necessarily think he is the number one striker in our province, I do feel he is the most dangerous.

I also realize that there are some areas of the game and certain skills that he needs to polish up. However, it is his blistering speed and ability to hit the ball with both feet that virtually makes him a threat every time he touches the ball in the offensive zone.

As I have previously said and I recently heard Clarence Senior acknowledge at a game in St. Lawrence, young players must be put on the field and play in order for them to develop and progress.

Actually, if Forsey was on my team, he would be a 90 minute, fulltime player. 

Unfortunately, fans on the Labour Day weekend won’t get to see him play in the Challenge Cup Play-offs this year because he recently led the Mount Pearl Under -18s to an upset victory over St. John’s in the provincial ‘A’ championships.

Under the current Canadian Soccer Association rules, he is ineligible to play in a second tournament that leads to a national championship.

Scoring the team’s only goal in a 1-0 victory, iIt was no coincidence Forsey was named Mount Pearl’s MVP in the provincial championship game.

Dunphy’s Details: The 2011 Provincial Challenge Cup Play-offs should be very interesting. Gone is the old page play-off format where there was a second life for the first versus second place teams. Instead, you will see the first place Holy Cross play the fourth place Feildians and second place Mount Pearl go against the third place St. Lawrence Laurentians this Friday evening. The winners meet to decide the  Challenge Cup champion Sunday afternoon.

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