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North Coast Perspective — A higher purpose for daily workouts

Thom Barker
Thom Barker - Contributed

It’s rarely as bad as we think it’s going to be.

I am talking, of course, about the first major snowstorm of the year.

I was going to write it is ‘never’ as bad as we think it’s going to be, but as anyone who has spent even a single winter in Canada—with the possible exception on Vancouver Island—knows that sometimes it’s worse than we think it’s going to be.

So, last Wednesday and Thursday, with the Gander weather office reporting Newfoundland and Labrador was experiencing the worst storm currently on the face of the planet, it was pretty much business as usual, albeit slowed down a bit. Sure, schools closed, but that’s business as usual too. Who would want to deny the little ones their snow day?

We are northern people. If we let snow-covered roads and whipping winds get the better of us, we might as well shut the country down for six months.

I’m reminded of a day during a former career, what seems now like a lifetime ago, when I was working in Ottawa with some consultants from Dallas, Texas. We were in a conference room with wall-to-wall windows when the snow started flying.

They were worried their flight would be cancelled that afternoon.

I said something like: “Don’t worry, if we let snow-covered runways and whipping winds get the better of us, we might as well shut the country down for six months.”

They got out, although they did have to sit on the runway for a while for the wings to be de-iced. That reminds me of a really funny Louis C.K. routine, but I already wrote about that a couple of columns ago.

I know what you’re thinking. There must be a point here somewhere, right?

Well, you might be surprised by how much I am capable of writing without coming to some kind of point.

Nevertheless, long-time and avid readers of North Coast Perspective—yes, all two of you, hi Mom and Dad—might recall about six months ago I started writing about my weight loss journey. Since then, by diligently counting calories and working out with weights pretty much daily, I have lost 60 pounds.

Funny thing, even though I am now the new, thinner, relatively-fit me, I still think like the old, fat, out-of-shape me.

So, when I arrived home Wednesday afternoon to find an hour-and-a-half worth of snow shovelling ahead of me, I was filled with dread.

Fortunately, it’s rarely as bad as we think it’s going to be.

In fact, I discovered the new, thinner, relatively-fit me loves snow shovelling. It’s a great workout and, even better, it’s a workout with purpose.

Okay, an argument can be made that working out with weights also has purpose, such as losing weight, heart health, etc.

But after last week, I discovered it also has a higher purpose. Winter.

That’s a good thing because it’s beginning to look a lot like Canada out there.

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