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Life’s challenges

There are a lot of beaming faces in Burin Peninsula schools these days. Not only students but also parents as they watch their offspring parade onto the school stage in cap and gown to receive a graduation certificate.

Some other students are receiving more than a certificate. They’re being rewarded for their efforts, not only in the past year but also throughout their school years, with scholarships and awards.

Parents and other family members proudly watch as first time graduates – Kindergartens – as well as senior high and university students are promoted.

To know your child has achieved something in their lives gives parents a sense of accomplishment of their own. Perhaps their children have succeeded where they had not, due to a lack of initiative or other circumstance that prevented matriculation.

Watching your child, in cap and gown, gives parents the satisfaction and realization that all the struggles faced in raising your boy and girl were not in vein.

These young people also know they have done their best to succeed. Whether it be as a Kindergarten (first time) student or as a university/college achiever with a degree/diploma in hand denoting that success.

For some senior students it means the end of a lengthy road on the path to an education. For others, like a Kindergarten student, it’s only the beginning as young people realize the degree/diploma/certificate in hand is only the start for untapped challenges and adventures in their young lives.

Maybe the real achievements being recognized at the end of the school year is realizing the world is unfolding to unimaginable futures that will lead to an exciting and outstanding period in an individual’s being.

It’s the cycle of life … a child is born, raised and educated to be an adult, meets a mate and begins the cycle all over again – having children of their own.

But what really matters in this cycle is what you did (achieved) during your lifespan. We only have a few short years (50 up to a 100) – a blink of the eye when we consider the overall scheme of things.

Are you ready for the challenge? The challenges that present themselves and make life worthwhile as you achieve?

George Macvicar, Editor/Manager

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