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Political bushwhacking

If you’re a Conservative or a Progressive Conservative, last week was a rough week for you on the political scene.

At the national level, the Liberal Party of Canada held the coronation for another Trudeau, this one Justin, as its leader. Immediately the political machine, which is the national Conservative Party, went on the offensive with negative attack ads centred on Mr. Trudeau.

Whether you’re Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green or au naturel you had to be, or should have been, embarrassed. Is this what we, as Canadian voters, elect our politicians to overseer – the annihilation of political foes in the public eye?

It’s an American strategy adopted from south of the border because quite simply, it works! But because it works doesn’t mean it has any scruples or needs to be followed.

Isn’t a code of ethics/morals supposed to have been embraced in the Canadian Parliament, after the degrading pettiness viewed in the Commons in recent years?

Our Progressive Conservative Party here in Newfoundland did not escape the blunders of the week either.

It manifested itself in the Legislature when House leader Dr. Darin King, Grand Bank District MHA, attempted to belittle and humiliate NDP MHA Gerry Rogers for her association with a Facebook page opposed to the latest provincial budget. A number of Burin Peninsula residents voluntarily are also included as members of this page.

Mr. King’s stand was taken because a Facebook page member had threatened Premier Kathy Dunderdale – an action that ‘should not’ be supported in any way – and through ‘association’ derided Ms. Rogers. It led to the House Speaker PC Ross Wiseman demanding an apology from the MHA three times, and then ejecting her from the House for her refusal – a complete fiasco.

Ms. Rogers was neither aware she was a member of the Facebook page, having her name placed there by someone else, nor that any threat had been made against the Premier.

The result though – the media found out the Premier unknowingly had a twitter account promoting teen pornography, Tory MHA Sandy Collins had a Facebook page advertising ‘pay day loans’, PC Ray Hunter supported a Facebook page linking to a petition against cuts in the provincial budget and PC Paul Lane was a supporter of federal Liberal candidate Yvonne Jones – all embarrassing enough.

The provincial PCs came out of this squabble a little red faced for their lack of knowledge of ‘social media’ workings.

The concern though is these politicians are not elected to argue and bicker over petty things, trying to get the upper hand on political opponents or looking ‘good’ or ‘better’ in the public eye, but to work together as a government of three parties (provincially) for the well being of their constituents and the province as a whole.

Advice: Meet face to face with individuals for a change, or pick up the phone and discuss issues instead of using ‘Twitter’, ‘texting’ or Facebook ‘messaging’ to not only destroy the English language but also humiliate or ruin people’s characters.

George Macvicar, Editor/Manager

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