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Thank you

It’s April Fools’ Day today, but this is not an April Fools’ joke. Or maybe it is, depending on how you view retirement.

I have a rare opportunity, nurtured from a career of almost 45 years in the media (radio, TV and newspaper), 34 of which have been as a reporter/photographer/editor/manager of The Southern Gazette (multi-tasker, heh).

I have the chance to say ‘thank you’ to the people of the Burin Peninsula, and Marystown in particular, for allowing me to foster a career, raise a family and meet new and trusted friends who have given me an opportunity to tell and write stories – true stories.

These stories have been ‘your’ stories, important stories – happy, sad and penetrating – stories that needed to be told. It was your lives and my life shared on the pages of your weekly newspaper – our community newspaper – The Southern Gazette.

I’ve been fortunate to rub shoulders and share a ‘sociable’ with many people in this province who have shaped my life, during more than four decades in Newfoundland. (I arrived her from N.S. in 1969 and thought after five years I would earn my first million dollars and travel the world. Ha, Ha.)

Instead, I discovered a wife and friends whom I cherish, helped raise two beautiful daughters who still call Marystown home but unfortunately will rarely return, and have been blessed with three handsome grandsons and a beautiful granddaughter (my princess).

This is worth more than a million or millions of dollars!

Mary and I will be leaving Marystown in the next few weeks to be with our children and grandchildren in western Canada. A big chunk of our hearts will remain in Newfoundland – Marystown, Grole, Hillview, Grand Bank, Harbour Breton, Paradise, Corner Brook and Gros Morne – it’s where we thrived and grew as two people striving to do our best to earn our friendships and with our two girls be a loving, caring, happy family.

I raised my head off my pillow each and every morning to achieve this objective in my life … sometimes I fell short but I got up the next morning trying again. My feeling is ‘if you don’t have a reason/purpose to face each day, you live an unhappy life’.

Thank you Marystown, Burin Peninsula and Newfoundland for giving me and my family that reason for almost 45 years.

George Macvicar, A proud ‘Pop’

soon enjoying four loving grandchildren

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