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A change of councillors needed

Here we are again in another municipal election, a time to elect council members for our beautiful town of Marystown.


It’s time for change in this town; a new council, in our opinion, would be a start.

We need council members that have a heart for the people. Members that hear our concerns, ones that want growth for this town of ours, a council that has vision!

As taxpaying citizens for over the past 50 plus years, we have not seen or experienced this from the present council.

A few examples follow:

We presented council with a petition with taxpayers’ names represented in opposition to a bar and gambling establishment to operate in a residential area of this town. Our concerns were not taken into consideration and this business was allowed to operate, which now is causing property values in this area of the town to depreciate.

We own three houses that are next door to this establishment. Crime and vandalism has increased in this area. Our concerns were not addressed.

Another example we are the owners of eight acres of land, which we want to develop but on numerous occasions have been turned down by the former council. This is not fostering growth and development for this town.

It’s time for change. Taxpayers of this town get out and cast your vote please!


Eugene & Jeannette Hodder,


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