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A heartfelt thank you from the Frazer Park Christmas Committee

The planning for Frazer Park starts in late August/early September. 

This year, we held our annual fundraiser, Gobblestock, in October instead of November. This gave us more time to fund raise as well as time to order decorations that we wouldn't normally be able to. That's where Santa's Rock Band came from!

In the future, if all goes well, you'll see more animated light displays similar to this. It's more heavy-duty and should last longer, not to mention the coolness factor and it's prettier. They are way more expensive, but we feel it's worth it.

So, anyways, look for Gobblestock every Thanksgiving weekend from now on. We hope next year's will be even more successful and will become a fall tradition in the Grand Bank and Fortune area.

This year, we decorated on Nov. 29. The weather was better than last year so that made it a little easier. It took us all 10 hours to complete the task, not counting the prep work on the days leading up to it. Considering we had committee members, kids and our regular volunteers all helping out, 10 hours is a long day, but well worth it. I just think it's really cool that people give up 10 hours of their Saturday to do something for our town. Yes, we still go down and make adjustments all through December, but that's all part of it, I guess.

I, as well as our committee members and most of our volunteers, am committed to doing this as long as we are able, with the plan to make it bigger and better every year. We have some pretty cool ideas for that park in the years to come.

Now, I hope you all realize that this is your park. We just decorate it and try to make it enjoyable for everyone. So take pride in it. Without you, it wouldn't be there.

If I was to guess, I'd say a good 60-70 per cent of you have donated to this project. Some make financial donations, some donate their time and some do both. We also realize that not everyone can afford to donate financially and that's fine too. But believe me when I say that this park is just as much yours as it is anyone’s. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

As much as I would like to name every individual that made monetary donations to this project in 2014, it would take me forever to do so. There are just too many. We have people that supported the fundraiser, people who have e-mailed me donations from all over the country and province and a couple from international countries ... no lie. We have people stop us on the street, people that have mini-fundraisers and people that just want to lend a hand. So, even though I won't name you all individually, rest assured that you are appreciated by us and the community. Without all of you, Frazer Park would be dark in December, and I don't think any of us want go back to that.

I will, though, list the businesses that contribute to our efforts in 2014. They aren't so numerous and have made some pretty hefty contributions. We have several businesses that support us every year, and each year we also have new ones come onboard. Some don't even wait for a letter to arrive and message/call us offering donations. Then, of course, we send out letters to some and we receive nothing. But that's all apart of it and that's the way it goes. Either way, we thank all of you.

So, here is a list of our business sponsors for 2014, just to give you an idea how awesome our town is when it comes uniting and supporting a common goal! I have also included our MHA Darin King on this list because he continues to say yes when others have said no.

Our business/government supporters for 2014 include: MHA Darin King, The Rum Pirate, Mariner's Pub, Bennett's Construction, Grand Bank Seafoods, Sobeys, Travis Parsons Photography, The Clarenville Inn, The Thorndyke Bed and Breakfast, Scotiabank, K and K Petroleum, Tony's Hairstyling, Epic Tattoos, Theresa Burton Cakes, Young Street, FFAW, Riff's, Aylwards Home Hardware, Burfitt's Electrotech, John and Joan Caines' Ugly Sticks and the Town Of Grand Bank.

Of course, we also want to thank all of the performers at Gobblestock, DJ Culli for handling the dance and Mariner's Pub for hosting it and giving their support 110 per cent, as well as Jeff and Tina Reid for the use of their shed/truck during/before decorating day and to Barb Herridge for providing the wicked soup to warm us up. Also, thanks to Darren Barnes for use of his scaffolding.

Now, this wouldn't happen at all if it weren’t for the best bunch of volunteers you can get. So thanks to all of those that helped with Gobblestock, fundraising and decorating – you are the greatest.

Also, we can't forget our town workers. Those guys pick the tree, set it up and are there to help whenever we have asked. Thanks to Bennett's Construction, who along with a donation, also delivered our tree (because it was huge!). Thanks to the temporary workers that also dismantle the whole thing when all is said and done. Then there's Tommy Burton. That guy is unbelievable and is truly the heart that keeps activities in Grand Bank beating. He is the man!

Finally, we want to thank all of you – for your donations, for your time, for enjoying it and for allowing us to decorate the park and start a tradition that we hope will last for decades.

Cheers and Merry Christmas from the bottom of the Frazer Park Christmas Committee's hearts!

Chris Emberley

On behalf of the Frazer Park Christmas Committee

Grand Bank

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