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Author searching for 1935 schooner photos and fishermen stories

To the people of Marystown and the surrounding towns, I am an American writer with ties to the Walshes of Marystown. After several years of research, I am nearly finished writing ‘August Gale’. The book recreates the 1935 hurricane that killed more than 40 Newfoundland fishermen.

My great uncle, Paddy Walsh, his three sons, and 11 other men from Marystown died in the storm.

Paddy’s schooner, ‘Annie Anita’, fished off Cape Race before the storm hit.

The wrecked vessel drifted ashore to Hazel Cove. Two bodies were found in the cabin, however; the bodies of the other seven crew members were never recovered.

The schooner ‘Mary Bernice’, which was captained by Paddy’s son, James, was found bottom up in Placentia Bay. All seven crew members drowned while fishing off Cape Saint Mary’s and Cape Pine.

During my three trips to Newfoundland, I have interviewed more than 100 people in Marystown and surrounding towns, who remembered the storm or lost family in the gale.

Though I am nearly finished the book, I am still searching for some information and pictures of the schooners that my great uncle and his son captained.  

Besides searching for photos, I hope to speak with Newfoundland fishermen, who can talk about what it is like to be out in schooners or other small boats during a hurricane.

Lastly, though 12 men and two boys died on the ‘Annie Anita’ and ‘Mary Bernice’, other accounts say that as many as 24 or 32 men died from the Marystown area in the 1935 gale.

If anyone has information on the names of other victims or the schooners that may have wrecked during the storm, that would also be of great help.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted by email, mail, or phone: ‘’, 642 Memorial Drive, Winthrop, Maine, 04364, or 207-462-4331.

All the best,

Barbara Walsh,

Winthrop, Maine, USA


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