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Brutal budget a hit below the belt

That budget was something else was it not? 

I knew tough decisions were coming, but what was announced in the budget was absolutely atrocious and something that I'd be to embarrassed to present.

Let's see.

If you make over $20,000 a year, you’ve got to pay a levy to live here. The home-heating rebate is gone. Closures of government offices here on the island and in Labrador that helped people. Tax increase after tax increase. The HST is going up when the premier said it wouldn't.

And you know what's worse? There was hardly any investment in this budget to diversify the economy, which is needed post-oil, unless they're going to hire all sorts of new people to collect all these new fees. Diversifying the economy would have generated some needed new revenue and would have lessened the blow.

Also Nalcor got $1.3 billion dollars. While I do support Muskrat Falls, why tax the people who live here to death and yet Nalcor gets that type of money? Shameful.

This budget is terrible, and I hope that everyone in this province lets the premier, finance minister and their Liberal MHA know it. If this is their plan of how to govern this place, then they'll be a one-term government for sure.

The premier was right when he said people matter. People matter because we can tax the heck out of them.

The Liberals called this budget plan credible. Well, I call it crap.

Tony Ducey

Frenchman's Cove 

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