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Debating Dwight’s debate decision

News out today (Sept. 14, 2015) is that Liberal Leader Dwight Ball will not be taking part in a VOCM leaders’ debate during the election.

To me, this is totally unbecoming of a person who many people, myself included, think is this province’s next premier.

With a 28 per cent undecided number in the poll released last week, people are going to be until election day making their decision over how to vote. I think Dwight Ball’s decision to back out of the debate makes the decision a little easier for the undecided. Kudos to Premier Paul Davis and NDP Leader Earle McCurdy for committing to this. If it’s good enough for them, why can’t it be good enough for Dwight Ball?

It’s easy to turn down things like this as leader of the opposition, but in the good chance that he becomes premier, it’s not going to be so easy to turn down things then.

Being leader is more than getting good candidates and having fancy slogans such as “people matter.” It’s taking part in a debate on a form of media that is just as far-reaching as TV. People matter, but I guess debates don’t.

Tony Ducey

Frenchman’s Cove

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