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Don’t drink and drive

Often thought to be senseless, destructive and life changing – impaired driving is real!

Adults and underage teenagers are guilty of committing this and it can put your child, parents and your most dearest loved ones at risk. A decision that can be prevented has ripped apart families and extremely altered lives for many years throughout Canada and even here in ‘safe’ Newfoundland.

Every day on average four Canadians are killed and 207 Canadians are injured as a result of alcohol and drug related crashes. Impaired driving kills or injuries more than 70, 000 Canadian men, women and children each year.

More teenagers die each year as a result of road crashes than any other cause of death. Impaired driving is the single leading cause of death in Canada.

But remember-impaired driving is 100 per cent preventable! We all have our own role to play to ensure our families do not experience a serious tragedy caused by impaired driving.

To help make our highways safer is simple. Don’t drink and drive – make a plan to call the taxi, walk or assign a sober driver.

Report to the police if you see a suspected impaired driver – your actions could save a life.

Participate in your local MADD Chapter – display a red ribbon, attend an event or become a member.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and help make our roads safer!

Have a holiday season that is filled with joy and happiness, not sorrow. Don’t drink and drive.


Donald Slaney, Founder/Community Leader

MADD Burin Peninsula

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