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Garnish/Marystown Fire Departments respond to fire

Tuesday, Nov. 12, a family in the town of Garnish suffered a terrible loss. By the end of the day, the May family on Pardy’s Point had lost everything due to an electrical fire.


The family was left with no more than the clothes on their back. Over the week since, lots of Garnishers and those from other Peninsula communities have chipped in to help the young family through this most difficult time.

In spite of quick action by the Garnish Volunteer Fire Department, the fire was too far advanced to save any of the burning home. But the  damage could have been much worse. In spite of a stiff breeze blowing at the time, Fire Chief Fred Dodge and his firefighters managed to ensure none of the homes in the neighborhood received any damage.

The wind combined with close proximity of other dwellings made the fire a difficult one to fight and the Fire Chief made the decision to call for the Marystown Fire Department for help. The extra support soon brought the fire under control, but still it took several hours to put the flames out completely.

Council, Town of Garnish, wish to make it known we are pleased with the way the members of the Garnish Volunteer Fire Department handled the situation. A huge thank you is in order. Also, many thanks to the Marystown firefighters.

The residents on Pardy’s Point are particularly grateful as are everyone in Town. We sleep better nights knowing we have such skilled and willing volunteers on call in case of such emergency.

Special thanks are also in order to Lee and Derrick Cluett, who allowed their property to be used as a staging area for the two fire departments. And many thanks to Wally Drake’s Trucking, Marystown, for donating equipment and personnel to clean up the site. The two fire departments, along with neighbours and Mr. Drake  helped to lessen the impact of one family’s terrible loss.

Thank you all, and well done!

Council, Town of Garnish

Elroy Grandy, Councillor

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