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In need of a new home

Parents of young children in the community of Fortune have a major concern in relation to losing a core social program. 

Burin Peninsula Brighter Futures is a Family Resource Center, which offers important services such as preschool, playgroup and baby group. The program provides emotional/cognitive, behavioural, and educational opportunities to young children.

The program is at risk due to the unavailability of a suitable residence. The program has been offered at the Fortune Community Center since 2002, but due to roof damage, the facility has been closed, and the town is in the process of selling the building. 

Brighter Futures obtained temporary residence in the basement of a local church but that arrangement is no longer available.

The funding for the program is still available if a residence can be found. A group of concerned parents is asking their local town council and all departments of the provincial and federal governments for their help in securing a long-term home for the program.

The Family Resource Center ceased operations in the town on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. The concerned parents are encouraging all citizens of Fortune to come forward with ideas for a temporary or permanent solution.

Terrilyn Meehan


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