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Kudos for a superb weekend of events in Burin

I wish to express my congratulations to all involved in the weekend of events in Burin surrounding the official opening of the Burin Exhibition Centre. 

The Centre itself (formerly St. Patrick’s School) is a perfect exhibition studio. The art, produced by members of the Realist Artists of Newfoundland and Labrador, after careful and thorough research, is both beautiful and moving. The ceremonies at the opening were brief and to the point; the food was excellent and beautifully presented; the wine was great; the harpist was a treat. I strongly urge everyone to pay a visit to the Centre to see “The Way We Were.”

The Saturday lunch and entertainment, provided in part by the artists themselves (poetry and some Broadway numbers) and local talent, were a treat. The concert by The Navigators was great, and The Once provided the perfect finale to a wonderful weekend, with even the weather cooperating. Speaking with some of the visitors, we learned that the tours of Burin were also a joy.

Everything went smoothly; nothing was overlooked. A fantastic experience! Kudos to all those who put so much effort into ensuring that everyone had a great time.

Delphine Lymburner

Little Bay

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