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Little Bay wharf has been a fixture of the community

I wish to express my concern over the proposed plan to demolish the wharf in Little Bay.

It is my understanding that the wharf has been deemed dangerous by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). 

They arrived unannounced and put barriers in place to prevent access.

I can understand that if the wharf is a danger to people, it should be repaired or replaced. However, without any consultation with the people affected by this closure, it would make sense to at least put out a notice and get feed back and inform the people of the intentions of government as to what alternatives will be put in place to accommodate this loss of a community fixture.

There has been a wharf in Little Bay for over a hundred years, and this is the only one that is available to fisherman and other people with boats to dock and do repairs, etc. It is also a centre for community events like weddings, breakfast on the wharf and musical performances.

The closest wharf will have to be St. Lawrence or Burin, as even Marystown itself doesn't have a place that is available.

I am asking for a meeting with the honourable members to discuss this untenable situation and find a solution before another community is left by the wayside and a way of life being gone forever.

Your attention is appreciated.


Neil Farrell, chairman

Fisheries Committee of Marystown


Honourable Clyde Jackman, MHA

Honourable Judy Foote, MP

His Honour, Sam Synard, Mayor of Marystown

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