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Marystown council needs a shakeup

Since this is the year of municipal elections, I respectfully request space for a few comments. I feel our local council has been on autopilot since the last election here by acclamation in the Marystown area.

There has not been much in the way of proactivity. I believe reactivity is more the norm. Our industries have taken a beating, and there has not even been a realistic fight to secure much needed activity.

Given the size of our town (approximately 5,000), expenses are like a runaway train. There are less and less incentives for younger people to stick around, and seniors for the most part are being neglected and ignored. Most of our elected officials are either retired with very adequate pensions or are nearing retirement. Even the ego trips must be getting monotonous.

I firmly believe that this is the year many of our young professionals with families in this town should offer themselves as alternatives to our present council. We need people with good business sense so that our town can be operated efficiently the same as a good business.

Assessment rates went through the roof this past year, mainly due to input by the municipal assessment association, of which municipal board of directors had the final say. With a drop in mil rate, it gives most municipalities an increase in spite of the reduction, which was the aim from the beginning. I will continue further on this subject in weeks to come.

Again, I urge young community minded people – female and male – to get involved by throwing their hat in the ring to make a positive contribution to our community.

Seniors, keep in mind what has not been done for us this past number of years before deciding who will get your vote.

Yours truly,

Roland Fewer,


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