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Muskrat Falls development will bankrupt province

Well it’s hard to miss the smiling face of Premier Dunderdale on the front page of The Southern Gazette as the heading stated ‘Premier encouraged by term sheet signing’.

She states “I’m delighted. It’s one more milestone. It’s not anything we had any concern about.”

It seems that time doesn’t matter at all as she states, to get information she needs. It’s too bad she didn’t feel the same when our representative the ‘Public Utility Board’ wanted extra time to do some studies on the project.

All we seem to hear from her and Mr. Kennedy is “It’s a good deal, It’s a good deal.”

This past few weeks it seems they have the MHAs phoning open line in turn preaching of what a good deal we’re about to have. You’d think it was the greatest thing that happened since the invention of the wheel.

Dunderdale and Kennedy keep mentioning the discussions about the Muskrat Falls deal that will take place when the House of Assembly opens this fall. They say they’ll have all the answers.

Well, if they don’t answer any more questions than they answered the last session of the House been open we won’t be much wiser. Every time they were asked a question the only answer anybody received was that – it was the best deal of all the other opinions.

They refused to give any real answer as to how much we the consumer will be paying for our electricity rates. Premier Dunderdale emphasized “It’s a good deal, a good deal for the people of NL and it’s a good deal for the people of Nova Scotia.”

Figures given to our government by Nalcor in October 2010 say we can expect to pay 16-18 cents per kilowatt hour for our electricity, when Muskrat is developed. That’s based on the cost being $6.2 billion.

We all know for sure that by completion that will most likely be between $8-10 billion with over runs we are sure to have. That in turn will have the price we’ll be paying to range from 20-24 cents per kilowatt hour.

That will be twice or almost double what we’re paying now – our present rate being 11.4 cents per kilowatt hour.

Just think of how much it will be costing us to heat our homes during the winter months? I guess that won’t matter to the consumers with six figure salaries plus pensions.

However, there is a group of consumers who include seniors, people on fixed incomes, people on minimum wage and social assistance. I’m willing to bet those people make up half the population of NL!

These are people who will be paying for Muskrat Falls. These are the people who will not be able to afford the electric rates that will come.

Already we have seniors and others visiting malls for hours during winter months as a place to keep warm for awhile because they can’t afford to turn up their heat, and that’s with our present rates.

Premier Dunderdale, Mr. Kennedy and all our MHAs  have you thought of these people and what you’re going to do for them? They are the ones that will be paying for your obsession with Muskrat Falls.

They are the ones who will be wrapped in blankets to keep warm. They are the ones who will be in the dark. Not because of the predictions you guys are taking about (province wide blackouts) but because their power has been shut off because they couldn’t afford to pay the electric bill.

Again, I’m asking people and especially the ones who will suffer most because of the Muskrat Falls development to be more vocal on this important subject. Call your MHA, the premier’s office, your local open line shows.

If we can’t stop this deal then we can say we tried. I also plead with Premier Dunderdale and all her Cabinet members and others involved – this of us seniors and the people will be suffering because of the Muskrat Falls development.

There are cheaper ways of doing it, and you all know it!

Forget the thought of your names going in the history book as the ones that development the Muskrat.

Some other thoughts – will we have the labour force to build it, we already have a labour shortage?

How many work stoppages will take place, as we saw last month at Long Harbour? That stoppage was costing $5 million a day.

How many of this kind of stoppage will bankrupt this province?

I figure this project will not only bankrupt people, but this whole province.

Bernard Brake,

Spanish Room

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