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No joking matter

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

All these letters about salmon angling and power dams and the truth or falsity of climate change risk obscuring the "delusions of grandeur" of the U.S. president.

A certain congressman, one Luke Messer (R-Indiana) has recently, and apparently without the least hint of irony, suggested that me honorable Donald Trump should be given the Nobel Prize for Peace!

I think many of us, hearing this, just said "Ho ho, good one, Luke boy" and pressed on to more serious matters like Global Warming (true or false?) or Muskrat Falls (good or bad?) and things like that.

But this congressman was not, in fact, joking at all; he was as earnest as only congressmen from Indiana know how to be. He meant what he said, Trump's credentials as a peacemaker consist, as far as I have been able to discover, of threatening to annihilate with nuclear force a tiny nation that had failed to show him the proper respect.

We could possibly add his Tomahawk missile attacks on Syria, if necessary.

The president seems to be under the impression that his rather silly name-calling and threat-trading spat with North Korea's leader was what forced the two Koreas into a rapprochement. Forgetting, in that lovable truth-bending way of his, that it was actually China that chaperoned the meeting, and invited the Korean leaders (N & S) to reconsider their decades-long standoff.

To credit Trump with anything other than mischief-making in the Korean peninsula is just plain wrong.

I'm sure the Norwegian Nobel Committee will enjoy a chuckle about it, and then turn their attention to some of the many genuine candidates for the accolade who exist out there in the real world.

Ed Healy


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