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On the ‘Terra Nova’ FPSO contract

The ‘Terra Nova' FPSO is scheduled for a refit later in 2012, and I'm looking forward to assisting with the refit of vessel, which will be moored near the two stair towers at the Kiewit Offshore facility in Marystown.

In August of 2005, the ‘SeaRose' FPSO left the Kiewit facility for her work duty at Husky Energy's White Rose oil field. The topsides facilities were installed, hooked up and commissioned by some of the most skilled, dedicated and proud tradespersons in the world - ahead of schedule.

If talk around town is any indication, I'm not the only person waiting for the ‘Terra Nova' FPSO's arrival. The refit will be very important to the economy of the Burin Peninsula and, indeed, our province. It will provide much needed employment opportunities for apprentices and other skilled persons.

Applicants are encouraged due to the possibility of long-term employment opportunities associated with ferry vessel construction for our provincial government, the Hebron project and the ‘Terra Nova' FPSO refit contract, as well as other potential future opportunities.

The issue of a skilled labour shortage wasn't a concern during the ‘SeaRose' FPSO project and shouldn't be a concern now. As a matter of fact, resident apprentices and other skilled persons complained that they weren't hired during the ‘SeaRose' FPSO contract. Let's hope that isn't the case this time around.

The ‘SeaRose' FPSO will be drydocked and have its refit completed in Northern Ireland during May and June of this year, due to not having the appropriate heavy-lifting capabilities in Marystown or elsewhere in our province, not due to the lack of an abundant, skilled workforce.

My employer, Kiewit Offshore Services in Marystown, and its parent company, Kiewit Corporation, one of the largest construction companies in the world, is very proud of their client's satisfaction.

Everett Farwell,


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