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Petite Forte Road paving completed

The final blacktop has been laid on the Petit Forte Road, the completion of a multi-year project.

Petite Forte Roads Committee, on behalf of the residents of Petite Forte and South East Bight would like to thank all who were involved with the paving of the Petite Forte Road. It is finally completed. This project took place over five years and 22 kilometres of road has been paved.
This means a great deal to all who live in our communities. It is especially good for those having to travel for emergencies and our school children, both from South East Bight and Petite Forte. It will also provide an increase in the number of tourist to the area.
We would especially like to thank Mr. Clyde Jackman, our MHA, for his help with this project, as well as all other government departments and the residents of the Burin Peninsula for their support. We will be having a celebration in the community on Sept. 6, 2008.
Kevin Hefferan,
Petite Forte

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