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Rusting culverts an eyesore

I am writing to follow up with you regarding an issue I raised with your department July 27, 2012.

Rusting culverts on Burin Peninsula Highway.

Paul Davis, Minister

Department of Transportation and Works;

This is in regard to several rusting culverts that are scattered around waterways in the ‘Three Sticks Hill’ area between the Towns of Lawn and St. Lawrence on the Burin Peninsula.

It is my understanding these culverts have littered the area since repairs were made to Route 220 following Hurricane Igor in 2010. As I previously advised your department, this issue has been raised with me a number of times by local residents. 

I photographed these rusting culverts earlier this summer. After reviewing these photos, I hope you will agree this situation is a serious environmental problem and an eyesore that sends a poor message to the public regarding acceptable practices for disposing of waste.

I ask that you please inquire with your officials about having these rusting culverts removed as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 


Dale Kirby, MHA

St. John's North 


cc. Tom Hedderson, Minister of Environment and Conservation

George Murphy, NDP Critic for Environment and Conservation

Darin King, MHA, Grand Bank

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