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Slightly peeved Newfoundlander

As a Newfoundlander who has worked in the oilfields of Alberta, and as a father of children who are now Albertans, I take strong exception to a published letter entitled ‘Reader unleashes anti-Newfoundland rant’ (published in Calgary Sun).


The writer comments Newfoundlanders are stealing Alberta jobs and, he can tell where we are from by the words ‘Da Rock’, written on the bumper stickers on our cars. He also states we should go back home and get more education because our spelling and grammar are not our strong points.

My response to this is Alberta employers are intelligent people and hire only the most qualified people they can find. So if they are hiring these poor uneducated Newfoundlanders, instead of him or someone else, then that makes him ‘stunned as me arse!’

Now me son, if you’re stunned as me arse, and nobody up there won’t hire you or anyone else like you, come down to ‘Da Rock By’ we’ll find something you are qualified for like ‘putting’ wheels on miscarriages or cutting out round squares.

On a more serious note, his comments to most Newfoundlanders is like ‘water off a duck’s back’, but to me this is a personal attack on all Newfoundlanders.

If jobs are being taken from Albertans, take your blinders off and look at all the foreign workers coming into your province who keep working while Canadians are laid off, instead of demeaning your native countrymen, who are one of the finest and kindest peoples on the globe.

In your letter, you said for us to get some class. Newfoundlanders have great class!

And if you have any yourself, then you should pick up your pen and issue an apology to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador who you have so blatantly and unfairly insulted. Also to your own city and province who deserve so much more than to be embarrassed in public by one of their own citizens.

Thank you.

Slightly peeved,

Ben Stacey,

Grand Bank, ‘Da Rock’, Canada

P.S.: Speaking of grammar, I could not find the word ‘crapload’ that you mentioned in your letter in the dictionary. But then again what do I know, I’m just an uneducated Newfoundlander.

Cc: Calgary Sun, Alberta

Edmonton Sun

St. John’s Telegram

Southern Gazette

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