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To those thinking of leaving N.L.

I know that things are not great here financially, and we will be squeezed more. However, Alberta has Rachel Notley and many problems, Ontario has Kathleen Wynne and many problems, and so on.

I encourage young people to take a break and wait for things to turn around. Go to Europe or across Newfoundland and take in all the good things. Or, do more training; it's a great, opportune time.

It will not be long and things will get better, unlike what these "bleakers" (those with only bleak outcomes) say. They find it too easy to complain.

The situation is as it is because of a collective will and responsibility. Whether it's you or some of your family or friends, or others you know, you have to take responsibility for all the past, the politicians that were elected, the policies in place, the waste that occurred. If you did not stop it, you were a part of it.

I recently returned to Newfoundland and Labrador after 28 years in Ontario. I left here after going to Memorial University - seeing no prospects in those days - and built a career away from my much-missed home. I came back for visits every year, spent lots of money on vacation, but I missed so much being away that you cannot put a value on. I am back now, and I will pay the taxes and fees, I will help in the community, but most of all I will enjoy being home.

I missed so much by going away back then: births and birthdays, weddings and funerals (no goodbyes said), family and friends, numerous get-togethers, even for a cup of tea and fresh bread with grandmother, uncle or cousin, besides close family. Holiday or Sunday dinner with those you love. A beer with friends. Yes, you make new ones, but friends you grew up with are forever.

I want to enjoy all we have to offer, the things that tourists come for in the commercials, the things we hold dear - the beauty of the shoreline, the land and the weather, the people, the salt air and the smell of kelp, the smell of clothes off the line, the political arena, the flag, the "Ode to Newfoundland," humour, the Babylon Mall, boilups and campfires at the cabin, mummers, "jellybean" houses, and downtown, live music, kitchen parties, sing-alongs, bakeapples and blueberries, in the country, catching sculpins on the wharf, netting caplin, squid jigging, walking on the beach, whales and dolphins, icebergs, abandoned homesteads, pooked hay, island girls, slang and dialect, pond hockey, soccer in the meadow, the Regatta, George Street Festival, our entertainers and not politicians, misty rain and fog, beavers and muskrats, moose, caribou and fish.

I will enjoy the above, my work, the people I work with, and working until I retire, and if that means an extra year or two, so be it.

So, don't leave. These "bleakers" should go! I am home to stay, forever and a day.

Paul Lambe

St. John's

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