Powerball $1.3B Lottery Drawing Delayed

Don't tear up your tickets just yet!

Saturday night's $1.3 billion Powerball drawing was delayed, putting aspiring players' life-changing dreams on hold.

Powerball's lottery numbers were supposed to be drawn at 11pm but ran into a “pre-draw” problem. AP

The numbers were supposed to be drawn at 10:59pm – but the numbers were still outstanding as of 11:30pm.

Powerball said in a statement A Participant Lottery's delay was caused by “requiring additional time to complete the necessary pre-draw procedures enacted to protect the security and integrity of the Powerball game.”

Each ticket sold across the country must be checked and verified against two different computer systems before numbers are drawn, Powerball said.

This process ensures that every ticket counts and every play has an equal chance of winning.

“Tonight, we have a jurisdiction that needs additional time to complete the pre-draw process,” Powerball said.

The company asked the players to hold on to their tickets until the process is over. The drawing will be live streamed Powerball.comBut it's not clear when that will be.

The delay caused a stir on social media.

“It's two-fold, Powerball can't keep its projected graph when it's over $1 billion. That should raise some questions,” Ryan Epling. Tweeted.

“Powerball is not all a scam. They just need a little more time to make sure the winning ticket is taken in California,” said another skeptic Published.

“Powerball so y'all are cheating or some wtf is going on??? This is why people started playing these suspicious activities less and less,” said one user He questioned.

“So you're telling me they have to postpone Powerball… because I won and they want to pick someone else, so I feel weird,” one woman said. teased.

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