Rep. George Santos was kicked out of the House

1:22 PM ET, December 1, 2023

Here’s how Republicans are reacting to Santos’ ouster

From CNN’s Morgan Rimmer, Manu Raju, Christine Wilson and Haley Talbot

After New York GOP Rep. George Santos He was expelled from the congregationHere’s what Republicans are telling CNN about the vote and the future of his seat:

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds: “I’m upset about it because you’re talking about destroying the fabric of what made us the greatest nation in the world. And it’s not the actions of George Santos. The truth is that everyone deserves their day in court. He was denied that in court today. He lost his job,” the Florida lawmaker told CNN. said. Isn’t that going to be the standard in the United States of America?”

“If this is going to be the standard in America, I tremble for the future of our country. It shouldn’t be the standard,” he said, adding that an ethics committee report alone is not enough to expel any member.

GOP Rep. Anthony D’Esposito: “There was a precedent for someone like Jorge Santos. The people who were in the civil war were not Jorge Santos, the others who were fired from Congress were not Jorge Santos, and I hope we don’t have to do that again,” said the lawmaker from New York.

D’Esposito also expressed confidence that the GOP can retain Santos’ seat Because we are on the right side of every issue and we have great leadership.

GOP Rep. Mark Molinaro: “What we’ve established is a precedent that, when you fall far short of an ethical standard, we don’t believe you should be a member of Congress. I think quite frankly, that’s reassuring and pleasing to the American people,” the New York lawmaker told CNN.

GOP Rep. Mike Lawler: “Whether he’s a dog catcher in his local community or in the halls of Congress, I fundamentally believe he’s unfit to serve in public office,” said the New York representative. “I think the voters in New York’s 3rd congressional district were defrauded. Donors were clearly defrauded. He used campaign funds for personal gain. Ultimately, the ethics report was very poor, very clear and comprehensive.

GOP Rep. Carlos Gimenez: “I think the evidence is overwhelming that he stole money from his constituents, and to me that’s one of the cardinal sins of public service. If you steal money from your constituents, you don’t deserve to be a public servant,” said the Florida lawmaker, who is seeking to secure Santos’ seat in a special election to replace him. Republicans are ready.

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