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Samsung is launching its One UI 6 beta program

After some delay, Samsung has announced the introduction of Its beta program for One UI 6, its version of Android based on this year’s Android 14 release. The main features for this next revision are simplified design and more customization options.

According to a press release from Samsung, in the design, “many elements have been changed to create a more modern look and feel”. This includes a new default font and new emoji that you can use from the Samsung keyboard. The company has also revamped the look of the Quick Panel so that you can easily access commonly used features.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing what you can expect in Samsung’s One UI 6.
Image: Samsung

In terms of customization, One UI 6 will let you choose specific lock screens linked to specific modes and routines, similar to what you can do with the iPhone’s lock screens and focus modes.

Unfortunately, the One UI 6 beta will only be available on the Galaxy S23 line to begin with – if you’re going to pick up one of Samsung’s latest flagships, you’re out of luck for now. If you’ve got an S23 phone and you’re in the US, Germany, or South Korea, you’ll now be invited to “join” the One UI 6 beta program.

Update August 10, 12:17PM ET: Samsung said on the edge The One UI 6 beta under the ban will launch on Thursday, but it’s not live yet. Our original story follows; We will update more details and timing information as it becomes available.

Updated August 11, 3:44AM ET: Updated to note that Samsung has publicly announced the launch of the One UI 6 beta.

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