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Burin revisiting sports hall of fame idea

Burin town hall. Google Street View
Burin town hall. - Google Street View

Recreation committee to determine community interest

BURIN, NL – Burin town council is revisiting the idea of creating a sports hall of fame that would celebrate the contributions of athletes from the town to local sporting teams.

Councillor Everett Farwell brought forth the question of establishing the hall of fame during a meeting Nov. 14.


Everett Farwell
Everett Farwell


“We have had and continue to have a number of individuals that have excelled in other sports (like) darts, golf and soccer,” he said.

He believes council should find a location and organize a committee to research athletes from the town and create a hall of fame.

Mayor Kevin Lundrigan advised Farwell that the town has tried unsuccessfully to set up a hall of fame in the past.

“This has been tried before,” he said. “The place was upstairs in the (former) bank, (we) went after at least half a dozen people to try and get them to go on a committee to do this – one person was fairly positive and satisfied to do it at the time, but didn’t do it.”

He added that council contacted several people who were involved in sports, “and asked them what they could do, or were they satisfied to do it—they were going to get back to us,” he said.

“One of those was a world-class dart player.”

Lundrigan said despite the failure of past efforts, he would be willing to have the town give it another go.

Farwell said he would like to turn the idea over the town’s recreation committee, “for them to explore the proper way in which we can have a committee say of six or so persons.”

He also suggested if interest from the public is not there to form an organizing committee, the town should take it on.

“I still feel that it is very important to our town and that if need be … we take over ourselves and see if we can’t have some memorabilia put out there, some framed pictures of individuals, soccer balls and soccer jackets.”

Recreation committee chair Darrell Riggs said he would not have an issue with referring the idea to the committee to determine community interest.

“I don’t have a problem with it either,” said Lundrigan. “In fact, I still talk to people about it, trying to encourage them to get involved.”

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