Stephen Colbert cancels late-night shows after emergency appendectomy

Stephen Colbert announced Monday A social media post She has canceled this week’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” after her appendix burst.

However, he mustered a joke to his fans about the reason behind the last-minute cancellation.

“Turkey overdoses, Steve? Has the gravy boat capsized?’ Actually, I’m recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix,” he wrote Monday afternoon.

A ruptured or ruptured appendix is ​​a life-threatening condition that can spread infection throughout the abdominal region. Mayo Clinic. Surgery should be performed immediately to remove the organ.

Colbert had not scheduled a new episode for Monday, but had planned to interview actress Jennifer Garner, director Baz Luhrmann and guitarist John Schofield on Tuesday; actor Patrick Stewart and singer-songwriter John Bautista on Wednesday; and singer Barbra Streisand and actor Kelsey Kramer on Thursday, CBS reported.

Colbert and other late-night shows aired from May to October during the months-long Writers Guild of America strike. Then in October, “The Late Show” canceled several episodes during Colbert’s tenure He recovered from the disease.

Colbert has hosted “The Late Show” since 2015, when he took over from longtime host David Letterman. From 2005 to 2014, he was the host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.”

Ahead of her recovery, Colbert thanked her medical team and her family. Not only did his new appendage-free presence force him to cancel the show this week, but he signed off by giving people some insight into how it will affect daily activities in the future.

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“All emails to my appendix will be handled by my pancreas,” he told them.

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