Super Mario Bros. Movie To Cross $1B Global Box Office On Sunday – Deadline

Sunday Update; Update to latest:… Enlightenment/Nintendo/Universal Super Mario Bros. Movie Supergame has crossed 1B$ at the global box office till Sunday. It now becomes 10Th 10th animated film in history to cross $1B worldwideTh The biggest animated film of all time worldwide, the previous one Despicable Me 2 And Minions: The Rise of Kirau. Super Mario Bros. Movie The title is the third light to reach $1 billion.

The juggernaut is powered up to an extra $68.3M The session brings its international receipts to Sunday in 80 overseas markets $532.5M. Globally, today’s rating $1.022B.

Notably, Japan opened this weekend. On 776 screens, the biggest opening weekend for an animation studio film grossed $14.3 million, as well as the biggest Saturday box office in Universal history – the No. Jurassic World Dominion. In two days, Super Mario 1B became the fastest Universal film to reach Yen, and the weekend was the biggest Universal opening of all time.

To date, Super Mario Works over multiple comps. Except for fine china, for example, it’s over Jurassic World 12%, 16% before Frozen II27% ahead Partners32% is high Beauty and the Beast; 33% lead Spider-Man: Far From Home And 51% more than last year Minions: The Rise of Gru.


Earlier, Saturday: It was only a matter of time. Illumination/Nintendo/Universal, with ratings through Sunday Super Mario Bros. Movie It is expected to cross $1B worldwide tomorrow, marking the first release of 2023 and the fifth of the Pandemic era. Will arrive in 26 days. Wahoo!

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The Aaron Horvath/Michael Zelenik-directed juggernaut crossed $900M worldwide earlier this week, as of Friday. $970M. in it, $483M From the international box office, domestically $487M.

Majors this weekend include notable openings in Korea and Japan. As of Friday, Korea is in second place with a total of $1.65M. In Japan, the game is strong.

Chris Meledandri’s Illumination is the third title to cross $1B.

Super Mario Bros It was already the number 1 release of 2023 worldwide. Taking in $1B means Mario & Luigi is now the biggest animated title worldwide as of 2019 and the No. 1 animation studio film for the same period. Super Mario Now Universal’s no. 3 Biggest Animated Movie, (Back Partners And Infamous m3, previous Minions: The Rise of Gru)

Other Milestones: The Plumbers is Universal’s seventh biggest movie worldwide. Jurassic World Dominion And Despicable me. Pic ranks as the fourth biggest film to surpass worldwide ticket sales since 2019 Jurassic World Dominion, Doctor Strange in the diversity of madness And Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Meltandri was at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week and accepted the award for excellence in animation on Thursday. At the time, he recounted, audiences flocked to three different theaters to watch the film on its opening weekend. At one point, he said, the audience consisted of grandparents, children, couples and people dressed up as “having an incredible time.” He noted, “It made me realize that at that time our film was screened in 25,000 theaters across the world and the amount of happiness we gave to that audience was at a time when the world needed happiness. Bad.” The film made history with the largest global opening ever for an animated title.

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“This whole art form is not going to slip through our fingers because everyone here is determined to make it better than ever,” he told the assembled exhibitors.

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