Tony Kushner supports Jonathan Glazer's Oscar speech

Tony Kushner has come out in support of Jonathan Glazer's Oscar acceptance speech, describing the British director's comments at the ceremony as an “unfair irrefutable statement”.

He speaks on that day Haaretz Podcast It was released Wednesday, asking Kushner, a four-time Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, about his feelings on several topics related to the Israel-Gaza conflict and Glazer's speech, which has come under fire from some Jewish figures in Hollywood. The subject of a recent open letter signed by over 1,000 people.

During the podcast, Kushner brings back Glazer's Oscar speech, which he described as “really kind of an innocuous statement. The playwright was asked if he agreed with Glazer's comments, to which Kushner replied, “Of course, I mean, who wouldn't?”

Kushner explains, “What [Glazer’s] It is very simple to say. He says that Jews, Jewish identity, Jewish history, the history of the Holocaust, the history of Jewish suffering should not be used as an excuse to dehumanize or kill others.

“It misappropriates what it means to be Jewish, what the Holocaust stands for, and he rejects it. Who wouldn't agree with that?” he continues.

A lot more to come…

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