Viberate: Revolutionizing Analytics, Promotion and Music Distribution

In the vibrant landscape of the music industry, independent artists now have access to a novel and unified platform for music distribution, promotion, and analytics through Viberate for Artists. This platform is a conglomerate of essential tools that artists require to elevate their careers, including digital distribution, promotion tools, and analytics on various channels, including social media and music.

Being a reputable music data company, Viberate has significantly broadened its services. It now provides artists with access to data-driven tools crucial for their career growth. Remarkably, some of these invaluable tools are available at no cost, while others are accessible for a nominal fee of $39 per year.

Unveiling a Free Website for Musicians

Viberate boasts of being the largest crowdsourced database for artists globally, with each artist page meticulously verified by a dedicated team of curators. This stringent verification process allows Viberate to offer a free website for musicians. Every artist is entitled to one, and in cases where an artist doesn’t have a website, the company takes the initiative to create one.

These artist websites are comprehensive, encompassing vital information that music professionals often seek while scouting for talent. This information includes genre, base country, top songs, music videos, upcoming events, and a detailed audience breakdown. Artists can also claim these websites, gaining control and the ability to incorporate contact and booking buttons for convenience. The standout feature of these websites is their aesthetic appeal, automated updates, and readiness for sharing.

A Deep Dive into Spotify for Artists Stats

Artists aspiring for detailed insights into their performance can integrate their Spotify accounts with the platform. This integration allows them to explore their Spotify for Artists stats comprehensively. They can monitor various metrics, including listeners, followers, streams, and stream sources on Spotify. Additionally, they gain insights into their audience demographics, geographic distribution of their fan base, and cities and countries where their music is gaining traction. Furthermore, it enables artists to track playlist performance and identify playlists contributing significantly to their stream counts. These insights are pivotal for planning effective promotional campaigns and assessing the overall success of their music releases.

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Seamless Digital Music Distribution

For music promotion, initial release is pivotal. Viberate for Artists facilitates this by allowing artists unlimited digital music releases to all major streaming platforms.

Elevate Your Music with Spotify Playlist Pitching

Upon releasing their music, artists have the opportunity to utilize an efficient Spotify playlist pitching tool available on the platform. This tool provides access to a chart ranking of over 12 million Spotify playlists based on popularity, offering artists a chance to identify and shortlist playlists that resonate with their music style and can potentially amplify their reach.

The platform offers exceptional filtering options, allowing artists to filter playlists based on genre, sub-genre, playlist type (editorial, indie, etc.), song release date, and popularity of the featured songs. For instance, artists can find 83 indie curator playlists that prominently feature House music, each boasting at least 15,000 followers, with over 30% of playlisted songs released in the past three months. Artists can reach out to some playlist curators directly through the platform, while others can be contacted via external links.

A noteworthy addition is the ability for artists to benchmark their performance against their peers and identify popular playlists where their songs have been featured. This comparative analysis is crucial for artists looking to understand and enhance their market position.

Premium Plan for Enhanced Services

For artists seeking to unlock more value, Viberate offers the Premium Viberate for Artists plan. Priced at $39 per year, this plan grants access to music distribution services, advanced promotional tools, and in-depth analytics, providing a comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower artists in the competitive music industry landscape.

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Through continuous innovation and a deep understanding of artists’ needs, Viberate for Artists is shaping up to be an indispensable ally for independent musicians, offering a blend of distribution, promotional, and analytics tools that are not only user-friendly but also highly effective in navigating the dynamic world of music.

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