Will the remnants of Cindy re-form into a new tropical depression or Tropical Storm Dawn near Bermuda?

Tropical Storm Cindy dissipated in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday night, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is watching its remnants for possible redevelopment later this week.

The NHC said a low pressure area once associated with Tropical Storm Cindy is producing scattered showers and thunderstorms more than 400 miles south of Bermuda.

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Strong upper level winds are expected to prevent the system from redeveloping over the next day or two. However, the NHC said environmental conditions will become more favorable for some gradual regrowth in the next seven days.

The system is expected to gradually move northward in the western Atlantic Ocean and pass Bermuda on Thursday.

The NHC gives a 10% chance of remnants of Cindy forming in the next 48 hours and a 30% chance of developing in the next seven days.

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Cindy to Don?

Although the area of ​​rain and thunderstorms being tracked by the NHC was once Tropical Storm Cindy, if it redevelops into a tropical storm, it will be given a new name: Dawn.

Because what’s left of Cindy is out of circulation.

Therefore, if a thunderstorm regroups to form a new tropical depression or storm, it will receive a new number (Tropical Depression Five) and then a new name (Tropical Storm Don).

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